Emirati Talli It is a part of the cultural heritage of the United Arab Emirates.

What is Emirati Talli?
Talli is a traditional handwoven craft known for its vibrant colors and beautiful designs. It is a part of the cultural heritage of the United Arab Emirates. Talli is used to decorate various types of women’s clothing, ranging from bridal dresses and formal attire to everyday wear. The skills have been passed down from mothers to daughters, generation after generation, up to the present day.
How is Emirati Talli embroidery done?
A pillow, called “Al Musadda,” is used as a supportive tool for creating the braided pattern. Depending on the design, women who weave Talli use a varying number of thread spindles, typically ranging from eight to fifty, to match the number of threads used in the Talli output. The embroidery pillow is secured in front of each craftsperson on a metal holder called a “Kajuga.”
Women traditionally used to weave the Talli braids and embroider the central piece with threads made of silver or gold metal, incorporating them into the intricate interlocking patterns with pure cotton threads of various colors along the edges of the piece. This weaving and embroidery result in ornate designs suitable for weddings and other festive occasions. Synthetic threads are now used as a substitute for pure silver or gold threads. Black, green, red, white, and silver are the most commonly used colors in traditional Emirati Talli designs.
The craft of Talli is one of the heritage professions that Emirati women continue to cherish. Women still pass on the art of Talli to their daughters, and the demand for Talli garments remains. Its value continues to increase as it is considered a handmade treasure.

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